Summer Reading Program

The Sparta Public Library

& The Friends of the

Sparta Public Library

Proudly Present

2017 Summer Reading Program

Registration opens May 23rd.

The summer reading program will meet on Fridays from 11 am to noon. The program is for preschoolers through 8th grade. There will be four events this year:

  • June 2 – “Magic of the Eclipse”
    Presented by Abra-Kid-Abra
  • June 9 – “Sing & Playing by Design”
    Presented by Rick Rayburn
  • June 16 – “Reptiles, Scales & Tales”
    Presented by Animal Tales
  • June 23 – “Fire & Ice: Design with Science”
    Presented by Mad Science
    Award Ceremony

Note: All preschoolers need to be accompanied by a person 16 years of age or older.

The Sparta Public Library offers a summer reading program to encourage children to keep reading even after school is out of session and to avoid the summer slump.

Also check out iRead (Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development Program) for more information on summer reading.

Also Check out our 2016 Summer Reading Program:


Here are some pictures from this last years program:

Animal Tales

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Mad Science

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Rick Rayburn

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Andrew Sommer

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