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The New Sewing Club members met Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The girls had the opportunity of getting to know their machine.  After learning to thread a bobbin and thread the machine, the girls sewed on scrap fabric to make what they wanted and just have some sewing fun.  This was the first time sewing for most of the girls.  The new members in attendance were Caitlyn Boyster, Adriouna Boyster, Isabella Brooks, Caris Cowan, Gabby Dethrow, Natalie Morocho and Abigail Rodriguez.  There are a total of 13 girls in the Club; 7 new members and 6 alumni.  The alumni will continue to learn and enhance their skills while also assisting with the new club members.  The Club will meet every Second Saturday from March – November with plans for a December graduation. The next club meeting is Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Sewing Club Graduation:

The graduation opened with the girls in procession, while three of them played Pomp and Circumstance on their flutes.  The girls wore a purple personalized sash in their choice of thread color with a graduation cap and tassle to match. Each of the girls presented a demonstration on the sewing machine.   Each student was given a certificate of completing the Basic Beginner Session.  Hanna Stine and Clara Odom also received perfect attendance certificates while Ellie Grobb received most helpful and Hannah Stine received most improved. Hannah Stine, Ellie Grobb and Daira Sangurima each gave remarks during the ceremony. After receiving their certificates the students left the room.  During this 5 minute intermission, the girls put on a shirt they constructed in class and proceeded back into the meeting room one at a time modeling their shirt.   Instructor, Lynette Jalivay presented each of the students with a sewing kit containing fabric, tools and sewing notions. The girls presented Lynette with flowers, cards, gift certificates and a pillow they constructed outside of class.  It was a great surprise to Lynette. Graduation hosted approximately 45 in attendance.  Connie Ruppert has volunteered her time assisting Lynette on occasions and was a great help during the graduation setup and ceremony.   Pictured left to right, Hannah Stine, Daira Sangurima, Saleena White, Alice Odom and Ellie Grobb.   Clara Odom also graduated but is not pictured. The girls ages ranged from 8 – 13.  The graduates will continue in the club along with 7 new students.  The new students names are as follows:  Natalie Morocho, Caris Cowan, Adriouna Boyster, Catilyn Boyster, Gabby Dethrow, Isabella Brooks and Abigail Rodriguez.  All club members will be notified of the next club session.

Graduation Pictures:

Fru Fru Frills & Fabric – Sewing Club

Sparta Public Library has formed its first ever Girl’s Sewing Club. The Library offered several beginner sewing classes along with two girl’s all-day sewing camps and had an over-whelming response. Evaluations were completed at the end of each class/camp session, by each participant. Lynette Jalivay, librarian assistant and sewing instructor carefully reviewed each evaluation and made the determination that an ongoing sewing class was needed. On Friday, May 6, 2016 the prospective club members met and the official club rules were discussed. Each participant was given a questionnaire which served as an application to apply for acceptance into the club. The participants had to have their questionnaires completed and returned to the Library on Tuesday, May 10. On Thursday, May 12, those accepted into the club were notified via telephone. The first all-day club session was held Saturday, May 14, 2016. Eight girls were accepted into the club. Lynette Jalivay has plans for a successful sewing club. The girls will start out sewing small craft items and work their way up to understanding a pattern including layout, cutting to garment construction. The eight girls accepted are as follows: Diara Sangurima, Alice and Clara Odom, Saleena White, Emily Howell, Hannah Stine, Hannah Marwa and Ellie Grobb.

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